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Today in History: Television in South Africa.

By Matthew Collins - Jan 5, 2015
Today in History: Television in South Africa.

On the 5th January 1976, after having undergone several test runs the previous year, South Africa was officially introduced to television, a technological innovation which would forever change the country – and the world as it had already done, and was continuously doing, prior to its introduction in South Africa.

The service, namely the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), was opened with its first presenters, Heinrich Marnitz and Dorianne Berry, welcoming viewers before the official opening was made by then Prime Minister B.J. Vorster.

Today, television is very much a part of life in South Africa and, arguably, the world. In a 2012 article on IOL, it was revealed that over 70% percent of all households in the country had access to television as per the 2011 census, a statistic which even outnumbered homes with refrigerators.


Image courtesy of: www.thehubsa.co.za