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Today in SA History: British take the Cape, again

Today in SA History: British take the Cape, again

After having taken the Cape from the Dutch in 1795, and later giving it back in 1803, the British would once again take control of what is now known as Cape Town in 1806.

When the Napoleonic Wars broke out, the Cape belonged to the Batavian Republic – which was aligned with the French. This worried the British.

Therefore, the British dispatched troops to the Cape and, shortly after having arrived, engaged in what would become known as the Battle of Blaauwberg, which started on the 8th of January 1806.

The British would turn out victorious and, from that moment on, would hold the Cape for the second time – and would continue to do so for many decades to come, having profound influences on South Africa’s history.


Image courtesy of: battle.blaauwberg.net