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TOE TO HEAD: Body, mind & spirit harmony at Soft Touch Wellbeing

TOE TO HEAD: Body, mind & spirit harmony at Soft Touch Wellbeing

I was very excited when I recently found out that Usha, the lovely owner of Soft Touch Wellbeing, situated in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, offered Foot Reflex Treatments. I had always wanted try out foot reflexology as I have a very active lifestyle!

To begin the treatment, my feet were soaked in peppermint oil and salts – to relax the body and refresh my feet, Usha explained. I was made to rest on a bed as she dimmed the lights and Usha’s Meditation CD, which is so empowering, played – my body, mind and soul began to slow down.

Usha then applied lemon grass oil on my feet with great care. At first it was a little ticklish and I tried not to laugh but, thanks to Usha’s skill, I could feel the tension in my body being released from my toes to my mind.

The Foot Reflex Treatment was more than just a massage; it was holistic natural healing and left me feeling re-energised and soothed. Who would have thought that feet would have answers to body and mind healing?

What distinguishes Usha’s relaxation treatments is that she explains each step so that you are aware of what is happening in your body. I learnt from her that this treatment, which she calls the Crème de la crème, balances the endocrine glands whichimproves nerve function, blood supply and promotes body relaxation.

The treatment works on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet corresponding to each and every part of the body. It is also highly recommended to anyone with digestiveproblems (which Usha picked up from massaging my feet), stress, tension, headaches, migraines, insomnia as well as joint pains.

By working on the reflexes on my feet, Usha sought to bring about the normal functioning of all the glands and organs in my body.

I left Soft Touch Wellbeing feeling harmony in my mind, body and spirit. My treatment had beenso enjoyable and rejuvenating that I cannot wait for my next visit.

Soft Touch Wellbeing offers several other combinations of natural healing treatments and products which I am eager try out.

To book your treatments, you can also call Usha on 041 365 2762or 072 101 5808or visit her at 54, 4th Avenue Newton Park in Port Elizabeth.