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Toll Tariff Adjustments effective from 7 March 2015

By Supplied - Mar 2, 2015
Toll Tariff Adjustments effective from 7 March 2015

Toll tariffs on national roads will be adjusted in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on 7 March 2015. For the second year running, the toll tariffs on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) that came into operation in December 2013 will not be adjusted.

The Minister of Transport approved the tariffs proposed by the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd (SANRAL) for 2015/16 in February 2015, following which they were gazetted.

Adjustments occur annually. The adjustments become effective on 7 March 2015 this year.

Any adjustments to the tariffs are based on the preceding twelve months CPI. The average CPI adjustment for SANRAL managed toll tariffs is 6.017%.

There will be adjustments on the N3 toll road between Johannesburg and Durban and on the N4 highway between the Mozambican border and the Botswana border, as well as on the toll road sections of the N1, N2, N17 and R30.

“We use the inflation rate as a guide, as we do not want to increase road usage costs beyond what is reasonable,” explained Nazir Alli, CEO of SANRAL.