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TomTom partners with Discovery Vitality

TomTom partners with Discovery Vitality

TomTom (TOM2) has partnered with Discovery Vitality enabling members to earn Vitality points when they upload their TomTom workout data. 

TomTom, is a global leader in GPS sport watches and has a range of GPS watches for all activity levels. The devices give you all the information you need to achieve your exercise goals. Using the TomTom GPS watches is the easiest way to improve as users can monitor their heart rate, challenge themselves on previous performances and set goals for themselves. They can also track their activities through the MySport portal to monitor number of activities, distances, calories and much more.  

“We are very excited to have partnered with Discovery Vitality. Using a TomTom GPS watch is one of the ways for Discovery Vitality members to achieve their fitness goals. They can easily track their progress on the MySports app as well as earn Vitality points, encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle,” said Daan Henderickx, Country Manager of TomTom South Africa.

Earning Vitality points with TomTom

To earn Vitality points for exercise sessions, members have to exercise at or above a specific intensity for at least 30 minutes per session, per day.  Different devices collect different data about exercise sessions.  Members can earn up to 200 Vitality points for one exercise session per day if they achieve the requirements set out.  For more information on the process and terms and conditions you can visit the Discovery website on www.discovery.co.za.

“Discovery Vitality recognizes the importance of helping people to get active and stay active. Through our incentive-based wellness programme we continue to partner with leaders across various industries to support our members in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Our relationship with TomTom is another example of this.” Said Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Discovery Vitality Wellness.


Photo courtesy of www.dcrainmaker.com