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Toni Rafferty grabs Swimming Team Re-Award and Honours Re-Award

Jun 11, 2018
Toni Rafferty grabs Swimming Team Re-Award and Honours Re-Award

The Diocesan School for Girls Summer Sports Awards were announced in school assembly recently. Toni Rafferty was re-awarded with her Honours for swimming.

Honours Citation - Toni Rafferty

An aspect of our Sports Policy is to develop in girls’ resilience, determination and the ability to deal with disappointment. We also encourage diligence and perseverance, both of which are deemed to be an important part of a girl’s overall development. There is no doubt that Toni Rafferty has not only manifested all these attributes, but has set an example of true sportsmanship to us all.

Last year, Toni was awarded swimming honours for her incredible achievements by qualifying to swim at SA national level.  When a serious illness laid her low midway through the current season, her training was seriously impacted and the chance of once again qualifying for SA nationals seemed to be out of the question.

Toni, however, had her own agenda. She never stopped believing in herself and her ability to retain her position as one of the top swimmers in her age group in South Africa. Once back to health, she put in an enormous amount of work and, against all odds, she once again recorded qualifying times for SA Senior Nationals. She also set new Eastern Province 50m and 100m freestyle records for her age group and at the SA Nationals in April, Toni was incredibly successful. She was placed ninth in the country (in the open age group) in the 50m freestyle and is ranked in the top ten swimmers in the country for her discipline.

 In her attitude to sport, especially swimming, Toni has shown a strong personal drive, resilience determination and the ability to deal with and overcome disappointment.

We believe she richly deserves to be recognised for what she has done and therefore have no hesitation in re-awarding her Swimming Honours. We congratulate her not only on her achievements in the pool but on her character and the wonderful example she sets.