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Top 5 Butcheries in the Bay: Impress this festive season with only the best meat in town!

Feb 6, 2015
Top 5 Butcheries in the Bay: Impress this festive season with only the best meat in town!

Summer is here; Christmas around the corner and braais and get-togethers with family and friends are top of the list.

So, Home, Food & Travel magazine - always keen to assist our readers, enlisted the help of the Laager 9 Caravan Club to help us choose the top five butchers in the Nelson Mandela Bay to make your braai the talk of the town. For the club, currently chaired by Bevan Barkhuizen, who says; “Braaing is a fact of life, we always braai together on our caravan outings and on every other weekend.” We can thus trust their expert palates and their verdict on the top five local butcheries.

In this article, we have ranked the best butchers in order of the most votes and have also managed to secure a few quotes to explain why their supporters buy their meat nowhere else. Of course, our judges’ choices could be very contentious and you may find your choices different to theirs.

1- Merino Butchery (Main Photo)

Merino Butchery has been a landmark in Port Elizabeth since its establishment in 1962. Their broad selection of meats is legendary with the chicken sosaties, boerewors and pre-cooked ribs being especially popular.

“Our key has always been special attention to detail, lending a hands-on approach and providing custom made cuts to suit to needs of our clients,” Merino owners, Boré and Christo Grobler, told Home, Food & Travel magazine during a recent visit.

Laager 9’s Nardus Bothma had the following to say, “This is my butchery of choice, because I have never bought anything from them that did not live up to my expectations. The quality is right and you know you are going to get what you pay for. The service is prompt and personal. My favourites: Best boerewors! Also the best
pork belly roll, fillet sosaties and those awesome marinated lamb chops!”


2 - Settlers Butchery

Settlers Butchery owner Tony Lilley has credited his 26 years in the business to providing customers with exceptional levels of quality and service second to none.

“People want honesty which has been our key to success. In the end, I eat what my customers do, so there is no point in being dishonest,” Lilley said, adding that attention to customer service has resulted in him knowing 95% of his clients by name.

Located in the middle of the Western suburbs, Settlers Butchery is easy to find with signature meats being its biltong, drywors and cheese grillers, all soya-free and natural.

“Tony is the go-to man when you’re looking for everything from your usual weekend braai to something more special,” Laager 9’s Clinton Hudson said.

“He does not compromise on quality and he has built a great relationship with his clients. Tony will give you exactly what you ask for – if it’s a 3” thick steak you want, that’s what you get. Whether it’s succulent beef steaks, choice lamb chops, or tasty boerie – Settlers is your one-stop shop. Their in-store hygiene and level of competency is top notch and they offer the best advice on meal preparations. The best part – you get greeted by name!”


3 - Continental Butchery

Owned by Elana van Rooyen since 2012, this Newton Park butchery has built its reputation on providing customers with the best cold meats, cooked hams and old-style boerewors.

“I believe in being consistent, offering a wide variety of products and hard work, which is why I don’t hesitate in getting involved myself,” van Rooyen said, adding that the opening of a deli section in 2013, had been met with similar aplomb.

“A weekly pit stop for me. It’s more than a butchery - it’s like visiting grandma’s pantry. Superb staff who, if they don’t have what you were originally looking for, will make sure you don’t leave empty handed and disappointed,” said Laager 9’s Debbie Ralph.

“It’s also practically impossible to leave empty handed as there is a wide selection of meats, a variety of sausages as well as home-cooked meals, homemade pies and breads...

An array of puddings and freshly-baked tarts, preserves, pickles, sauces, spices, imported goodies - the list is endless!


4 - Perridgevale Butchery

With over 40 years’ experience in the meat industry, 20 of which as owners of Perridgevale, all the secrets and tricks of the trade are second nature to Jannie and Helen Ferreria.

“If you don’t give 120%, you could just as well close up shop. You cannot sit in the office, you have to get out there and work. This has always been our approach,” said Jannie.“We have committed ourselves to provide the best service and
top grade meats. As such, we only source our lamb from the Karoo and nowhere else, while our boerewors has been sold in Cape Town and Johannesburg”. 

Ricochet Publishing’s General Manager, Darren John, had the following to say. “Sometimes a queue is a good sign – not that you always queue at Perridgevale Butchery, but you know that the short wait will be worth it when you do. The owner and staff are always friendly and willing to assist with exactly what you need. “My boys love their pork rashers, they have a fine selection of prime cuts and home-made condiments such as Splendid Pickled Onions, but for me, Perridgevale’s wors is the best. It has an extremely fine filling with little to no fat and cooks in no time - absolutely delicious and instantly recognisable on the braai. Watch it closely - everyone will want a piece!


5 - 2 Fat Butchers

South African-born bothers Andrew and Craig Broughton brought their years of experience and expertise to Port Elizabeth in 2011, having studied and worked in United Kingdom.

Renowned for their quirky sounding but ultimately lipsmacking delicious meats, unique sausages and traditional pork pies, it’s no surprise to find 2 Fat Butchers always full of
patrons. “All our meats are all carefully selected and contain no additives, preservatives or any other animal by-products,”
said Andrew.

“We have always maintained a high level of quality and top notch service, but the fact that we get involved with each cut
or recipe as well as being present all the time with our staff, has been our key”.

Said Laager 9’s Gerhard Nel, “You always find something different here and the meat on display is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. These guys know their meat and their shop is spotless and very neat. Thick cuts of rump, sirloin and fillet as well as lamb chops are on display. Expertly prepared sausage is in great variety and their sosaties and bacon are top quality – they come highly recommended!