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Top 5 cheap ways to keep your home warm this winter

By Jesica Slabbert - Aug 2, 2016
Top 5 cheap ways to keep your home warm this winter

The winter chill is getting everyone down lately, and the electricity bill for using the heater only makes it worse. But luckily there are some cheap ways to warm up your home during the cold months.

Here’s a list of the top 5 ways to warm up your home without worrying about breaking the bank.

5. Block the wind

Drafts can come inside from any opening, which only makes the temperature in your home drop even more. Use a curtain or towel to block every window for drafts or openings in your home.

4. Open the curtains during the day

Sunlight is essential to keep things warm, so make sure enough of it comes into your home when it’s sunny outside. It will help retain heat and bring more inside.

3. Close the curtains when the sun sets

When the sun goes, so does the heat with it. Retain the heat you have been collecting during the day by closing the curtains once the sun has set.

2. Place thick rugs on hardwood and tile floors

Carpets and rugs stop the heat from escaping through the floor. It’s also much warmer to walk on.

1. Heat up your bed

An electric blanket is a good idea for when you want to warm up your bed, but if you don’t have one a hot water bottle is a good compromise. Place the hot water bottle at the foot of the bed to make your whole bed comfy and warm for the night, this way the bottle stays warm the whole night.

Another tip would be to check the insulation in your home. Older houses may need better insulation to retain warmth. This is a good investment for when those colds nights come around, and will keep your home and family cosy.