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Top 5 Kids Parties Ideas

AUGUST 7, 2016
Top 5 Kids Parties Ideas

Birthday parties are always stressful event for parents; invitations need to be made, food prepared, and the cake must look exactly like your childs favourite new fad!

Choosing where to host the party should not be a stressful affair.

This below list can assist you in narrowing down the options. For themed paries you could hire entertainers to dress the part to add a little extra for the festivities.

5. At Home Party

You can never go wrong with a clown, magician or jumping castle at your party at home. Just be sure to organise lots of entertainment to keep the children from running around with too much energy. With lots of entertainment and games you will be able to keep them happy and having fun but still under control. 

4. Pool Party

Pool parties are for those hot summer days when kids just want to run around and play in the water. Going to local public swimming pools is a great way to let your child cool off and have a great time with their friends. McArthurs is a popular location for kids’ pool parties, and it even has two water slides for added fun.

3. Animal Fanatics

If your child has a love for animals, then Homeleigh Farmyard, The Boma or African Sky's are good options for consideration. They all cater for awesome parties, with animals to feed and jungle gyms at Homeleigh Farmyard to educational entertainment and learing about snakes at The Boma. These places will keep the kids happy and entertained. 

2. Bush Adventures

For the outdoorsy and adventurous children, Bush adventure parties will keep your child busy and energetic throughout the entire day. Bushwackers is a provider in PE that caters for outdoor or indoor activities, they will keep the children entertained with survivor games, amazing race mysteries or water wars depending on the package you choose.

1. Painball

Paintball parties are all the rage these days, especially with boys, but girls can enjoy them as well. Paintball Heaven and Planet Paintball provide fun packages for birthday events that will make your child’s adrenaline go wild. Choose either last man standing, or capture the flag among the many options of gameplay. With paintball your child will have a very colourful and wild time.

By: Jesica Slabbert