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Top five family walking trails in the Eastern Cape

AUGUST 26, 2016
Top five family walking trails in the Eastern Cape

Besides its reputation as one of the foremost agricultural regions in the country, the Eastern Cape farming community is a gem when it comes to offering walking trails that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Deepadale Game Farm

Deepadale Game Farm in East London is a family-run place that offers walks tailored to the kids. These edu-walks, ranging from 30 minutes to two hours in length, are manageable even for tiny tots. The friendly farm owners take the little ones on routes to see a variety of buck and other game. They’ll learn to identify tracks and poop and how to respect their animal friends. The walks are free, but need to be arranged in advance and may not always be available.

Kromrivier Farm

Just outside Paterson, Kromrivier Farm is a rustic, rural spot where you can leave the stress of the daily grind behind. There are a range of walking trails, and you can plan your route to suit your fitness and energy levels. When you call the farm to make arrangements, think about asking for a picnic basket to be added in the mix. It’s a lovely, low-stress way of breaking your hike and enjoying farm-style hospitality.

Zwartkops Valley and Aloe Nature Reserve

A stone’s throw from the bustling metropolis of Port Elizabeth is the Zwartkops Valley and Aloe Nature Reserve, a super spot for a range of nature walks. It is best experienced in winter if you want to catch the reserve’s huge collection of aloes when they are in bloom. Bring binoculars, because the birdlife is rich too. You can choose between 2km and 7km hiking routes, both of which offer views of the sea, mountains and saltpans.

Hopewell Trails

If you’re looking for a walking trail that is a bit more intense, Hopewell Trails, also just outside Port Elizabeth, are a good option. Although geared towards trail running and mountain biking, these trails can also be walked – though you may need to make arrangements in advance. The paths meander through a variety of biomes and the Hopewell Nature Reserve, on which they are situated, is home to an array of game and birdlife.

Any list of walking and hiking areas in the Eastern Cape would be incomplete without a mention of Hogsback. The little town in the Amathole mountains offers an abundance of trails that take walkers through dense forest and past waterfalls. The routes range from 15 minutes to five hours in length and are best accompanied by a pack of snacks and some towels – swimming is popular in the warmer months.

Caption: Deepadale Game Farm in East London, which offers edu-walks for kids, makes our list of top five walking trails in the Eastern Cape that are geared towards the whole family.

Source: AgriEC