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Top five reasons why you should be using Bargain Buys

Oct 12, 2018
Top five reasons why you should be using Bargain Buys

Ten years old

Bargain Buys marks its 10th year of successfully making fun cost less in 2018. In the past year Bargain Buys have expanded their awesome voucher system to cover the whole country.

Here are five reasons why you should be buying Bargain Buys vouchers

  1. Bargain Buys vouchers provide huge discounts of up to 70% less on restaurants, accommodation, activities, game reserves and much more.
  2. Bargain Buys only works with restaurants, hotels, guest houses, game reserves, gyms, spas and other service providers of the highest reputation – Bargain Buys vouchers may be in-expensive but the service providers are not cheap.
  3. Bargain Buys website is easy to browse and is mobile friendly. Vouchers may be purchased by EFT, credit card, debit card or with cash.
  4. Thanks to Bargain Buys you can afford to upgrade your dinner, holiday, getaway, kid’s party and just about every other fun activity without having to spend more of your hard earned cash.
  5. You beat inflation and stretch your budget. Everything is so much enjoyable when you know you’ve got a great deal.

To find out more about Bargain Buys, either as a business traveller or a service provider, contact on info@buybargainbuys.co.za today.

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