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Top four decor trends for the upcoming year

By Kate Shepherd, owner and Creative Director of Something Different and online store - Something Desired - Feb 7, 2019
Top four decor trends for the upcoming year

The beginning of a new year is always exciting as it brings about new decorating styles and trends to look forward to.

Kate Shepherd, founding owner and Creative Director of Something Different – specializing in conceptualizing, customizing and execution of annotative event design – shares her thoughts into what’s hot and buzzing for 2019.

Pantone of the Year

Vibrant, yet mellow pantone, Live Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment. For both summer seasons in 2019 Live Coral will be popular in accents to tropical, beach, striped or patterned looks as well as bold colour blocking and statement pieces.

Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of Live Coral is perfectly suited with modern and traditional interiors, inside and outside, as well as both plant heavy jungles and desert dry looks.

“The pantone welcomes and encourages lightheartedness and we had already foreseen this kind of bright vibrancy for our own most recent range - be prepared to see this colour gracing many fashion items and interiors this year,” explains Kate.


Fringing is still popular, and this year sees the trend expand into more elaborate applications, colours and lighting. Fringes have been appearing on everything from lamps, pillows, mirrors, ottomans and curtains, adding a fun element to what could have been a ‘run of the mill’ product.

“We are obsessed with fringing and have again incorporated it into many of our own products this year and can’t wait to see more complicated finishes,” shares Kate.

Bright, Fun & Unique Textures

This year will see the use of different textures, beads, fabrics and paper being incorporated to make a statement in the various areas of a home/office space. Quirky pieces of furniture, unique artistic sculptures in decor and fun palettes in lounging and interiors allow the use of light and bright into any dull space.

Green is the new black

This is both in the actual plant-based sense, as well as the eco-friendly aspects. The true love of green is real – from large walls and big green impact pieces to cluttered jungles. Plants breathe air into a space and literally create a greener atmosphere.

You can never have enough plants – perhaps not every room but choose one and go wild – stick to a type of plant (i.e. from a certain region) and hang them, raise them on tables, place them on the floor to clustering them in pots, or have the roots exposed. The options are limitless.

Be smart with plants that don’t need too much watering, and just enjoy how the foliage brings life into your space. “We love making sure all our approaches to décor and design are holistic and thoughtful in how we keep it most sustainable,” says Kate.

2019 is a year of greatness and boldness, don’t be afraid to express yourself with your home or office space. It's an opportunity to leave behind what's bad and embrace what's new and good.

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