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Top Franchises managed from the Eastern Cape - big improvement on 2015

By Graeme Lund - Oct 26, 2016
Top Franchises managed from the Eastern Cape - big improvement on 2015

Last year, we were only able to find seven franchises managed from the Eastern Cape.  This was three less than in 2014, and somewhat a disappointment for the region, particularly when you consider that there are over 700 different franchises in South Africa.

This year, however, there are a number of new additions. They are added to this list because some are new concepts and some; we were unaware of in 2015.

The criterion for getting onto this list is that the franchisor must be based in the Eastern Cape. Here are the top franchises for the Eastern Cape for 2016;

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No 1

The first Spec-Savers franchise was started in May 1993 in Port Elizabeth. The Spec-Savers formula proved to be a phenomenal success ensuring rapid growth. By August 1995 the franchise operation had grown to 24 stores. The Group now proudly partners with over 250 franchise outlets throughout South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Botswana.

First started:1993     Started by: Bryan Dowley    Franchises: +250

National:Yes    International:Yes


No 2

First started:2000     Started by: Raal Nordin     

Franchises: +100    National:Yes    International:Yes


No 3

First started: 1976     Started by:  Ivor Ben     

Franchises:  +40     National: Yes     International: Yes


No 4

First started:2008     Started by: Jim Fletcher     

Franchises:38   National:Yes    International:Yes


No 5

First started:1991     Started by: Cobus Potgieter     

Franchises: 18    National:Yes    International:No


No 6

First started: 2005     Started by:  Bryan Dowley       

Franchises: 17    National:Yes    International:No


No 7


First started:1991 Started by: Chris & Andre Castelein     

Franchises: 13    National:No    International:No


No 8

First started:2003     Started by: Graeme Lund     

Franchises: 7    National:Yes    International:No


No 9

First started:2016     Started by: Graeme Lund     

Franchises: 4    National:Yes    International:No


No 10

First started:2010  Started by: Bryan & Chris Dowley    

Franchises: 2    National:Yes    International:No

Main image: SpecSavers via Facebook