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Total Work Solutions will make the Skills Development Levy work for you

Jan 31, 2017
Total Work Solutions will make the Skills Development Levy work for you

Businesses that spend more than R500 000 a year on salaries may be registered for the Skills Development Levy (SDL).  This levy is then distributed to the Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAs) who facilitate the development and funding of skills.

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) is responsible for managing and administering the collection of this levy and will pass it onto the various SETAs.  The SETAs then make the funds that have been given to them available to the same businesses for skills development.

This may sound like a very convoluted and expensive manner in which companies can skill and train their staff.  However, the government believes that companies are not doing enough to train their employees and so the SETAs were created.

Obtaining the funding from the SETAS is no easy matter and, as a result, most companies simply write off their SDL as an expense or tax and forget about it.

Now here’s the interesting part; as most companies don’t make any claim on their SETA’s to access these Mandatory Grants, there is usually more money available, for those that make the effort, to claim back from the SETA than was contributed via the SDL.

For those companies who make the effort, they can obtain far more money than they submitted for the training and development of their staff. 

However, this is no easy process and will take hours of paperwork preparation and a determined understanding of the ever shifting policies of the SETAS.

Enter Total Work Solutions, a company owned by Dave and Di Rowe, with 17 years of SETA and SDL experience.

Dave says, “We have been in the consulting business for 23 years and have developed a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and of the policies and procedures of the various SETAs.

“We can manage your Skills Development Facilitation in line with DHET and SETA Regulations and assist with the Skills Development Process Roll-Out including the submission of Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs), Annual Training Reports (ATRs) and applications for Discretionary Grants to the various SETAs.”

“My company has been using Total Work Solutions for the past three years and in that time Dave has managed to acquire funding for a university bursary, various interns and some learnerships.  The value of this skills training far out-weighed the levy that we submitted during this period as well as the fee that we paid to Total Work Solutions,” says Graeme Lund, owner of Ricochet Publishing.

For more information on how Total Work Solutions can assist you contact Dave or Di on (041) 586 4664 or email worksolutions@intekom.co.za; totalworksolutions@gmail.com.