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Tourism vital for economic growth: Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber

FEBRUARY 5, 2016
Tourism vital for economic growth: Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber on Friday said that it supports a proposal presented by the Economic Development Directorate to NMB Councillors at an Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture Committee meeting, as it is aligned with the Business Chamber’s Vision 2030 and the NMB Industrial Development Strategy.

During the presentation, tourism was identified as a sector with the potential to promote economic growth and development in Nelson Mandela Bay - in line with moves to diversify the Bay’s economy.

"The proposed catalytic projects are a step in the right direction and we welcome the proposal. Tourism in general – whether sports, business, travel or domestic – is vital to our economy," said Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Chief Executive, Kevin Hustler, in a statement.

"We have seen the recent increase in the number of internationally recognised events hosted in the Nelson Mandela Bay during this week alone.

"Events such as the Rodriquez Live in South Africa Concert, Roxette 30th Anniversary Live Tour and South Africa vs England One Day International have in turn resulted in a boost to the Nelson Mandela Bay economy."

Hustler said that the success of these events sets the region up as an international event destination of choice.

"Events such as these generate interest in our city and deserve the support of the people of this city for the exposure they provide and the potential revenue they generate.

"We would like to wish South Africa all the best for the next phase of the ODI taking place tomorrow at the St Georges Cricket Stadium," he said.

Image: Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism