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Town planning “done” for Walmer housing land

NOVEMBER 18, 2014
Town planning “done” for Walmer housing land

Town Planning proposals for the land between the Walmer Country Club and Arlington Racecourse has been “done”. Town Planning has also been completed for land near Driftsands that will be used as a temporary relocation area (TRA) for the people of Walmer Township.

A report to a recent Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy Committee meeting on the project, says that the Human Settlements Directorate has identified “small areas of less than one hectare that do not require environmental approval” and will serve as temporary relocation areas.

This has been done in case environmental authorisation for the use of the land near Driftsands is delayed.

“This will allow the development of Airport Valley to proceed with the relocation of informal dwellings from road reserves, although the construction of houses will have to take place with shacks in situ.”

The report says that the environmental impact assessment for the land between the country club and racecourse is now at the public participation process staged, adding that there has been “a high volume of comments from the public in the adjacent residential area in response to the standard advertisements placed for this purpose”.

No comments, however, had as yet been received from the likely beneficiaries and in order to get a response from the community the consultants will be requested through the Ward 4 councillor to arrange a meeting.

The report says the EIA has been accepted while forestry information has been submitted to the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries with a proposed town planning layout, with a response now awaited. - metrominutes