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Traffic and Licensing Services Lagging In Revenue Collection

OCTOBER 8, 2014
Traffic and Licensing Services Lagging In Revenue Collection

Traffic and Licensing Services had collected R4.2 million of a targeted just over R10 million after two months of the current financial year, according to a report to be submitted to the Safety and Security Committee.

The target for the whole of the financial year, according to the report, is R60.2 million.

Revenue from parking meters over the two-month period totalled R5 221.00 against a target of R59 638.00.

The report shows that the division was close to target with regard to revenue collection only as far as drivers’ license card conversions; learners and drivers’ license fees and escort duties are concerned.

Revenue from drivers’ license card conversions over the first two months of 2014/15 totalled R1.31 million against a target of R1.57 million and from learners and drivers’ license fees R1.9 million (R2.2 million), while escort duties brought in R35 566.00 (R35 582.00).

The report indicates that learners and drivers’ license fees and card conversions are two of the major sources of revenue for the department and it has budgeted to collect R22.6 million in 2014/15.

The major revenue sources is fines and compoundments for which the department has budgeted to collect R22.3 mil-lion this financial year.

However, after the first two months revenue totalled R480 153.00 against a budgeted target for this period of R3.7 million.

The report also shows that prosecutions for traffic violations in August this year compared with the same month last year dropped from 20 629 to 389.

It states that while there were 11 787 prosecutions for speeding in August 2013, the figure had dropped to 61 a year later, while the number of prosecution for all moving violations, which includes “robot disobedience,” illegal over-taking and disobeying road signs decreased from 15 422 to 95 year-on-year. - MetroMinutes.


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