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#Trailblazing team conquers Inca Trail

#Trailblazing team conquers Inca Trail

On Sunday, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) #Trailblazing team succeeded in finishing the Inca Trail and making it to Machu Picchu in Peru.

With no injuries or worries reported during the climb it is safe to say that their Trail went off without a hitch.

The team; consisting of NMMU Chancellor, Santie Botha; Vice-Chancellor, Derrick Swartz; Alumni, Dr Bridgette Gasa, and student representative, Nandipha Jack, will be returning to Port Elizabeth on Wednesday and are sure to be greeted with cheers and celebrations.

Meanwhile NMMU Campus is working hard to try and raise funds for the #Trailblazing campaign, which aims to raise R4 million to support 160 students academically deserving and financially in need so that they may graduate.

Near the end of August it was announced that the R2 million mark had been reached.

The current amount reached has not been announced yet.