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By Jesica Slabbert - Jun 13, 2018

I am a person, who has grown up on Disney movies. They were my life and my eternal joy, even now as an adult I find myself returning to watch them for the familiar feeling of nostalgia they give me.

When Disney started creating their live action remakes of these classic cartoons I was sceptical. Not wanting the style to ruin what effectively made up my entire childhood movie collection, but I must admit that so far Disney has been doing a good job with their live actions so far, as can be seen by The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast.

Recently, the trailer for their latest live action film; Dumbo, had been released and I made sure to have a look as soon as possible.

The film was directed by the famous Tim Burton, who is known for his dark and oftentimes creepy characters and stories.

Being a long-time follower of his work, I was curious to see how Burton would go about turning possibly one of the most endearing and heart wrenching Disney movies in history.

Watch the trailer of the original movie here:

For the younger generation who might not be too familiar with the story of Dumbo; Dumbo is a baby elephant that had been ostracised and bullied by animals in the circus for the enormous ears he was born with. Fed up with the bullying, his mother spirals into a motherly rage and tears down the circus to protect her child; which leads her to getting cages up.

Only brash-but-lovable Timothy Mouse offers the hand of friendship to Dumbo, encouraging him to exploit his ‘unique’ qualities for fame and fortune. Dumbo then encounters a group of jive-talking crows and discovers that his outsized ears have given him the ability to fly.

Watching the trailer, I was instantly hit with nostalgia as a new version of the movies song, Baby mine, began to play. And when little Dumbo was revealed with his large ears I instantly fell in love all over again.

Watch the trailer here:

With big name actors making an appearance, from Colin Firth, to Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton; actors who have worked with Burton many times before, I was excited to see more.

The visuals of the famous pink elephant scene and the life of the circus came to life in a way that only Burton can accomplish, and I was waiting in anticipation for the part where Dumbo would finally take flight.

The film is scheduled for release on 29 March 2019, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the full film.