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Tramways Refurbishment due to be Completed in 2015/16

Jan 21, 2015
Tramways Refurbishment due to be Completed in 2015/16

The refurbishment of the Tramways Building, which was initiated in 2012/13, is due for completion in 2015/16.

The work will take place over a number of “incremental phases,” the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) says in its Annual Report.

The MBDA says investment to the end of June last year has been R27 million, with the total project value anticipated to be in the region of R50 million.

“The area under development is envisioned to manifest as a water-green-cultural economic hub.

“This catalytic investment also integrates with the triple development of blue, green and golden economies.”

The MBDA says the refurbished building will house the new MBDA offices and that an “environmentally-conscious anchor tenant is being considered to share the space, with the other areas in the building being designed for multi-purpose use.

It states that the two large halls, which once housed off-duty tramway coaches, will be restored to their original design before modern amenities are added.

The halls, it spells out, will be used for local conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

The Annual Report says that a restaurant and catering school are also expected to be located in the completed building.

The MBDA says the exterior, particularly on the Baakens Street and Lower Valley Road side, will be restored to the original design.

The interior and the side of the building that faces the Baakens River will feature “a more contemporary look with spaces used to optimum effect and enhanced with steel and glass”. - MetroMinutes.


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