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Transform Your Office into an Oasis

Transform Your Office into an Oasis

Summer is here and after the cold winter months, it can be easy to forget how the heat can affect our efficiency and productivity. Stuffy offices and closed environments make it difficult to concentrate and can negatively impact overall well-being. Yet there are ways to stay cool and comfortable as temperatures start rising.

Michael McKechnie, Divisional Head for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics SA, says “The secret to having a healthy, climate controlled environment at the office is to consider the latest air-conditioning technology, ensuring the most comfortable room temperature.”

McKechnie provides the following insight to ensure a cool and relaxing season:

Use an air-conditioning system

Thanks to superb advances in technology and design, you can now install systems that offer both heating and cooling solutions in one. Many of these have been designed to deliver the optimum indoor climate, while minimising the impact on the environment. The units disperse cool air over a wider area, which allows for more effective temperature control into every corner.

“This ensures that your office is kept at the right temperature, without drawing on excessive energy and that the area stays cooler for longer,” says McKechnie. “Our systems use bigger blades with wider inlets so the air is expelled further and the room is cooled faster.”

Cut the costs

Many people associate air-conditioning solutions with high electricity bills, when in fact, they are one of the most energy efficient means of cooling or heating. Most of Samsung’s Triangle range of air-conditioners includes an inverter which ensures that the system only runs at the required speed and energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

Manage allergies

Summer is characterised by hay fever and allergies and investing in an air purifier system can help to relieve these symptoms.

It is important to keep this in mind and look for built-in features that help release the discomfort of seasonal allergy problems. Technology that assists in providing a cleaner and healthier work environment by neutralising the bacteria, fungi and pollen that causes allergic reactions is important.

“If you have hay fever or asthma, you already realise that clean air contributes to your well-being. Airborne allergens, viruses and infectious bacteria often go undetected. With Samsung’s range of air-conditioners, you do not need a stand-alone air purifier, the unit controls the temperature and keep the air you breathe clean,” says McKechnie.

Air-conditioners also slow the growth of mould by removing excess humidity from the room. The Samsung Auto Clean function prevents moisture from accumulating by running the fan even when the unit is turned off.  As a result, both the air-conditioner and the office remains dry and clean.

Two-step cooling

“Sitting at a desk with a fan blowing air will not aid comfort nor concentration,” says McKechnie. “The same applies to blasts of freezing cold air across one’s back and shoulders – this could lead to discomfort or headaches. Samsung’s technology has introduced two-step cooling that keeps air, flowing seamlessly around the room at the right temperature.”

The technology adjusts fan speed and wind direction automatically and there is no need to constantly turn the air-conditioning unit off and on to stop shivering.

“Besides staying cool, summer remains a challenging time of the year for fighting allergies due to increased temperatures. Innovative and cost-effective digital air solution technology can provide the solution and Samsung’s products have been uniquely designed to support businesses all year round,” concludes McKechnie.


Photo courtesy of www.mayonggadgets.blogspot.com