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Transnet Port Terminals hands over computer lab to Hendrik Kanise Public School

JANUARY 28, 2016
Transnet Port Terminals hands over computer lab to Hendrik Kanise Public School

As part of Transnet Port Terminals’ (TPT) ongoing supplier development projects, which are aided by the government’s broad-based black economic empowerment policy, the Ngqura Container Terminal (NCT) and Laphum’ikhwezi contractors were thrilled to give back to the Alicedale community.

On Tuesday, 19th January 2016, NCT and Laphum’ikhwezi delighted teachers, parents and learners of Hendrik Kanise Public School by handing over an ICT Facility occupied with 25 computers and a Wendy house classroom. This initiative was undertaken by Laphum’ikhwezi and TPT to empower and ignite a passion for learning at this Eastern Cape Public School.

Over R100 000 was spent on renovating an old classroom into a computer lab, repairing 25 computers that were no longer operational at the school and sponsoring a Wendy House as a classroom for the younger children.

Hendrik Kanise Public School Principal, Mrs Louw-Balie, expressed her gratitude saying, “As a representative of Hendrik Kanise Public School I would like to extend a very big thank you on behalf of the pleased learners, teachers and appreciative parents. Words cannot begin to describe the profound gratitude we share in giving us hope that something can be done to enrich our educational resources in order to nurture our aspirational young children.

"We feel honoured that our school was chosen to touch the lives of these bright children, as educators there are limitations in what we can provide for our learners due to financial constraints; but today our vision of developing our children has really been empowered.”

Appreciation was further conveyed by a Grade 12 learner, Lutho Nesi “The impact of these resources will go beyond us having access to computers for the duration of our schooling years. The value is in the seed of opportunity that has been planted in our school, in giving us hope that we too can aspire to take on computer related careers; and as Grade 12 learners we can also have the fundamental computer skills to be equipped for University experiences.”

The supplier development programmes are implemented to rectify the imbalances existing in our formerly disadvantaged communities and are implemented across TPT’s network of terminals.

As a prerequisite to being considered in the TPT supplier tender process, the contractor has to commit to contributing an allocated percentage of their tender income to uplift the community as per the specifications provided. This enables TPT to ensure consistency in activities that are an investment to the community.  

“This initiative was not only about handing over resources as an obligation, it was about touching the souls of these deserving children, and the extremely gratified hearts of the parents and teachers of these students; that is the intrinsic value TPT aims to accomplish” stated Ngqura Container Terminal’s Chief Operations Manager, Bongani Mbotini.