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Transnet Port Terminals rewarded for high standards of operational safety

OCTOBER 14, 2015
Transnet Port Terminals rewarded for high standards of operational safety

Recently at the international NOSA NOSHCON Conference, Transnet Port Terminals [TPT] walked away with NOSCAR awards for its Port Elizabeth and East London car terminals for the 5th and 10th years respectively.

TPT was also the overall national container terminal winner in the Transport, Storage and Communication category.

Just two months ago TPT achieved 13 NOSA awards in the regional competition bringing the total number of awards for the terminal operator to 16 for the 2014/15 financial year. The NOSCAR award is the highest rating in the NOSA system and recognizes organizations that continuously commit to providing safe and healthy work environments for employees.

“These awards are testiment to TPT’s prioritisation of safety and risk management for staff and cargo alike. For the past three consecutive financial years, we have not only met all Transnet corporate DIFR targets but have also reduced our incidents further from 0.80 to 0.45 which is a 43% reduction year-on-year.

"We aim to continue making TPT safe and operationally efficient for the benefit of our staff, clients and all other stakeholders,” said TPT Chief Executive, Karl Socikwa.

With billions of rands being handled in various cargo forms by the 16 terminals operated across the country, the safety and security for these goods is paramount to ensure return business and the growth of South Africa’s economy.

In order to provide efficient loading, unloading, transhipment, temporary storage and terminal services to TPT’s customers, their safety objectives are characterised by the promotion of value-driven behaviour and proactive leadership.

Having transformed safety management into a dynamic risk-based model that integrates safety and operations – TPT have encouraged progressive behaviours across their terminals.

“It is embedded in our charter of values to attain and maintain a standard of safety, health, environment and quality that is beyond minimum legislative requirements to leverage our position within the markets we serve, and thus become more competitive and efficient.

"Our legal, social and moral obligation towards our staff (including contractors), communities and environment in which we operate is of paramount importance,” stated Socikwa.

Zeph Ndlovu, TPT’s General Manager for Corporate Risk & Security added, “For a business operating in a complex and high risk environment such as ours it is essential to have effective safety protocols in place that are understood by all employees, in order to minimise the disruption of service to clients.

"While TPT is locally based we serve international customers which use various port terminals across the world. It is therefore critical for us to provide a first world service if we are to remain competitive in an actively competitive global environment, even in challenging situations.”

Image: TPT Representative, Raymond Van Rooyen – Executive Manager: SHERQ receiving award from 2 NOSA representatives at NOSA event.