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Treated like royalty: Enjoy a true pampering experience at Hair & Beauty Hair Salon

Treated like royalty: Enjoy a true pampering experience at Hair & Beauty Hair Salon

With October being one of our busiest months, I found myself in need of a quick distraction before I completely lost my mind. The solution jumped right in front of me as I passed Hair & Beauty Hair Salon, in Framesby, on my way back to the office after meeting with a client.

That same day, I made an appointment with them for a day of pampering. My plan for recovery was to have a back, neck and shoulder massage as well as a desperately-needed and long-postponed haircut.

On the day, I arrived early and checked in with one of their front office staff who genially received me and showed me to a comfortable seating area.

I took the opportunity to look around and admire the interior décor of the hair salon. Hair & Beauty Hair Salon is definitely something different!

The salon was clean and its décor had an old-meets-contemporary feel to it. One thing that caught my eye was how they had utilised old doors with mirrors attached instead of the usual mirror-against-wall, to give the entire salon that added wow element. Before I could study the décor further, beautician, Erika, came out to greet me before ushering me to their beauty room.

In the beauty room, she asked me if I had any problem areas and how deep I wanted the massage to be. Coming from a stressful month, the muscles on my back were all contracted (or so it felt to me), so I opted for a deep-tissue massage. She left me to get ready and moments later my pampering began.

I must point out that Erika was very friendly-yet-professional and we clicked almost straight away which made it easier for me to relax completely while being massaged. She started with my back before moving onto my neck and shoulders with easy strokes. It felt amazing! I enjoyed every moment of it and I felt the knots melting away.

Afterwards, she gently removed the massage oils. I appreciated this as I have been to quite a few massages where the therapist neglects to wash off the oil and it always irritates me for the remainder of the day.

Moments later, I was escorted to their hair salon stations. I got comfortable in one of the chairs and was covered in a warm, fuzzy blanket which was welcome on this particularly cold and rainy day.

My hair was gently washed and I received a complementary head massage – truly, one of the best I have ever had. What’s more, my pleasant head massage went on for quite some time!

After almost falling asleep during my head massage, I was showed to a station where my tresses would be trimmed. Karin Botha, the passionate owner of Hair & Beauty Hair Salon, stepped forward to introduce herself. I told her my ideas of the style I wanted and also listened to her expert guidance which resulted in success!

At that point, I was also offered coffee, tea or juice. With a cup of coffee in my hand, Karin began.

From our small talk, I learnt that they are stockists of Davines. This product range is

eco-friendly which should be great news for those looking for pampering at places that care about the environment.

Hair & Beauty Hair & Beauty Salon also offers a wide variety of hair services including colouring, up-styling, extension, waxing, Nimue facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, Lo’Real Matrix Optismooth permanent straightening and loads more. They also do free consultations and can accommodate early morning and late evening clients – making it convenient for the working woman.

Needless to say, I was extremely happy with my fresh new haircut – it was even better than the picture I had in mind. Karin then asked me if I wanted a blow-dry, a hair straightening or curls. Since it was a cold and wet day, I decided to go with the straightener.

When I stood up to view her masterpiece, I felt like a runway model. Above all, the pricing for my treatments was reasonable. They also offer special pensioners’ prices and travel outside the salon to do hair on location for weddings.

Ever since I arrived in the Bay, almost a year ago, I was looking for a good hairdresser and I am happy to report that I have finally found my salon! To find out more about Hair & Beauty Hair Salon and their monthly specials, visit 29b Kragga Kamma Road, Framesby, Port Elizabeth or call 041 3601666.

 Image courtesy of: www.freedomhairandbeauty.com