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Trollip: ANC preventing residents from participating in Metro's IDP process

OCTOBER 19, 2016
Trollip: ANC preventing residents from participating in Metro's IDP process

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, on Wednesday said that he wrote to the African National Congress’ (ANC) Eastern Cape Chairperson, Premier Phumulo Masualle, requesting him "to discipline his local ANC structures for encouraging the undemocratic and unconstitutional disruption of Integrated Development Planning (IDP) meetings" in the Bay.

"A small group of ANC members have disrupted four meetings since our IDP programme began, two of which had to be abandoned," described Trollip.

"Residents from these communities have now threatened to burn down ANC ward offices as a result of having been prevented from exercising their democratic right to public participation.

"While this is clearly turning the ANC on itself, my main concern will always be that all residents be given the opportunity to engage with this new administration so that we can develop an IDP and budget that speaks to the needs and desires of everyone in this Metro."

Trollip said that efforts to get the local ANC leadership to intervene have been unsuccessful, as these individuals seem entirely incapable of managing their own members.

Read Mayor Trollip's letter HERE.

"If the local leadership is unable to call its members to order, then it is the duty of the Provincial Chairperson to intervene.

"I have instructed the Acting City Manager, Johann Mettler, to conduct an investigation into the violent acts of ANC members at Monday’s IDP meeting in Kuyga, where injuries were sustained by Metro officials and councillors. Charges will be laid against all individuals who incited and partook in this violence and caused malicious damage to property," he added.

"The ANC is clearly unable to accept the recent loss at the local government election, but this should not be used to prevent residents from participating in our efforts to improve service delivery, grow the economy to create jobs and stop corruption.

"We are taking this Metro forward whether the ANC likes it or not. After 22 years of mismanagement and maladministration, our people deserve every opportunity to engage with a government that is delivering positive change every single day."