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Trollip renews challenge for Jordaan to participate in Metro debate

Trollip renews challenge for Jordaan to participate in Metro debate

Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader, and Nelson Mandela Bay Mayoral candidate Athol Trollip, has made a repeated call for Executive Danny Jordaan to participate in a scheduled SABC debate at City Hall this coming Sunday.

In a statement, Trollip said Jordaan has so far been the only African National Congress (ANC) Mayor to have rejected the invite to the debate, and that the decision to substitute him with councillor Litho Suka is evident “he had is no good story to tell”.

“The people deserve accountability and openness. Your avoidance of public debates and important meetings epitomises the government of Jacob Zuma that constantly refuses to be held to account. So Mayor Jordaan, do you have the courage to debate or not?” Trollip said.

“Widespread poverty, unemployment, undignified sanitation and thousands of bucket toilets, horrendous water losses, crumbling roads, dilapidated RDP houses and a Metro that is being taken backwards; there is no good governance story to tell here in Nelson Mandela Bay, but that seemingly won’t stop the ANC from pretending that there is”.

Last month, Trollip took aim at Jordaan’s withdrawing from a similar debate reported to have hosted by eNCA, remarking on that occasion that is raises speculation as to whether he has something hide.

Metro spokesperson Mlungisi Ncame however hit back as Trollip claims, saying Jordaan’s involvement in the debate was never in doubt as he was not confirmed to take part.