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Trollip’s pledge to Nelson Mandela Bay

Trollip’s pledge to Nelson Mandela Bay

Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader, and Federal Chairperson Athol Trollip, has indicated that party would be going full-out in bringing change to the embattled Nelson Mandela Bay Metro next year.

Addressing an estimated 1 500 supporters at the launch of his mayoral campaign held at the Donkin Memorial in Port Elizabeth earlier today, Trollip, who was introduced by party leader Mmusi Maimane, stated that only a switch in government would result in a “thriving and prosperous metro we know it can be”.

“Today marks the start of a new chapter in the history of our Metro. As time ticks by, it is becoming ever more apparent that the foundation which we are now laying for our children here in this City will doom them to a future which is worse than today,”  Trollip said to cheers from supporters waving banners with “Trollip for Mayor” written on them.

“Change is needed. Change that sets Nelson Mandela Bay on the path to a better future for all. It is going to be a tough journey. But it is one I am confident that we will walk together successfully”.

Outlining his vision for the Metro, Trollip admitted that while the country has made strides since the advent of democracy, the continuing problems faced by residents relating to a lack of service delivery, escalating crime and drug use as well as unemployment, does not bear the hallmarks of a “better life for all”.

“A better life is not possible in a city that has an unemployment rate of 36% and a youth unemployment rate of 47.3%, the highest of any metro in the country. A better life is not possible in a city whose communities are ravaged by drugs and gangsterism and where people go to work in fear of being robbed and where 80% of citizens are afraid to go out after dark”

“A better life is not possible in a city where more than R2-billion of your money was wasted last year on irregular and wasteful expenditure. A better life is not possible in a city where so many still go without proper housing and toilets, where the current government builds houses without toilets and toilets without houses,” Trollip said.

Referring to the running of the Metro since the controversial appointment of South African Football Association (SAFA) boss Danny Jordaan earlier this year, Trollip stated that those in power have become “the enemy of hope and opportunity”.

“This is a government that does not believe in freedom, fairness and opportunity for all. It is a broken government led by broken men built on empty promises that has been hijacked by a corrupt elite that works for themselves and not the people they were elected to serve,” he said.

“We deserve a government that will consider all of our needs, not only their own. Change is possible. And you can make it happen”.

He also added that the Metro under DA control would experience economic growth, the proper delivering of services and houses, job creation and a clamp down in civil unrest and use of drugs.

“We have the potential to be great. What we need is an honest, hardworking government that puts its citizens first,” Trollip said.

“I can promise you that we will start working hard the day after we’re elected. If I give my word that something will happen, then you will be able to trust that it will happen. And if I do not keep my promise, vote me out just like you’re about to do with the current government, that has had too many chances, and that has failed us too many times.”