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Trollip survives another day after Council Meeting adjourned

Apr 10, 2018
Trollip survives another day after Council Meeting adjourned

The Special Council Meeting that was meant to decide the future of Athol Trollip as Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor was on Tuesday permanently adjourned after it again collapsed into chaos on Tuesday.

The Special Council Meeting was meant to be a continuation of the March 29 meeting that also collapsed due to disruptions and chaos. Motionsagainst Trollip and members of his Democratic Alliance (DA) led coalition government were expected to be debated.

From the onset, it looked like Councillors were in for a ride.

The African National Congress (ANC) raised a concern over the capacity of the Council Chambers, which it said was not big enough to accommodate members of the public.

Council Speaker, Jonathan Lawack, then also paid tribute to the late struggle icon, Winnie Mandela, and the passing of Chris Hani and allow parties to pay tribute to also pay homage.

Andile Lungisa of the ANC also asked for Solomon Mhlangu to be included as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) asked for 5 minutes to discuss the matter of 'the settlers arriving' in South Africa.

Lawack said they can have 3 minutes, which is when EFF councillor, Zilindile Vena, accused the Speaker is again being biased towards the the DA and did not want the EFF to speak about the issue of the settlers and the land.

Then there was an exchange between the DA's Nqaba Bhanga and Vena over trivialising issues.

EFF Councillor Yolisa Yako then told Council that Councillors had failed to give Winnie Mandela the proper respect by not having a moment of silence at the beginning of proceedings and failing to fly flags at half mast.

She also accused 'white media' of seeking to trivialise the legacy of Winnie Mandela and her vilify her even in death.

Then EFF Councillor Lukhanyo Mrara stood up to address Councillors about evictions when Lawack interjected saying he had not been told there were going to be two speakers from the EFF.

Mrara went on to describe how evictions reminded black people about the land they lost to white settlers and asked Trollip, who is now the new DA Federal Chairperson, to ensure that the issue of land expropriation without compensation is placed on the DA's agenda.

The ANC's Councillor Suku addressed the Council and talked about land expropriation without compensation.

The United Democratic Movement's (UDM) Mongameli Bobani as well as the African Christian Democratic Party's (ACDP), Lance Grootboom, also addressed the council paying tributes to Winnie Mandela and Hani.

There was some commotion outside as African Independent Congress (AIC) Councillor Christopher Buyeye addressed Councillors on Winnie's legacy and the issue of land expropriation without compensation.

After the Congress of the People's (COPE) Siyasanga Sijadu paid the party's tributes, the Patriotic Alliance's (PA) Marlon Daniels rose up and accused the opposition parties of making him black when they need the PA's vote and otherwise when they don't -with an interjection coming from the ANC's Lungisa.

Amid interjections from the ANC, Daniels appealed; "Let us not return to black on white, and white on black violence."

After the United Front's tribute, it was time for the DA to also pay its tribute to the fallen heroes, which the ANC had an issue with.

As Bhanga addressed Councillors, the ANC's Makhi Feni asked why Bhanga was being allowed to address council if he killed two girls.

From then on, Bhanga's address was drowned in noise and chaos broke out.

When it was time to go onto the agenda of the day, the EFF and ANC accused Lawack of suspending the rules of Council and it was a shouting match from then on.

Lawack then declared the meeting adjourned and the DA and its coalition partners left the Council Chamber while opposition councillors sang and danced.

In a Tweet, Trollip said: "The opposition in the Nelson Mandela Bay council is deliberately destructive and can only be described as disgraceful.

"They refused to allow the DA Cllr Nqaba Bhanga to pay tribute to Mama Winnie Mandela. What kind of Democracy do we have under this behaviour."