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TROUBLED WATER PART 6: Four Sites initially identified for Algoa Bay Fish Farm

Dec 10, 2014
TROUBLED WATER PART 6: Four Sites initially identified for Algoa Bay Fish Farm

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister, Senzeni Zokwana says that four sites were initially identified as the possible location for an Aquaculture Development Zone (ADZ) in Algoa Bay.

Replying to a written question from Andrew Whitfield (DA), the Minister said the decision to investigate sites along the Eastern Cape coast had been based on the outcome of a 2009 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

The SEA, carried out for the whole South African coastline , had highlighted the Eastern Cape “as an area with potential for ADZs”.

Zokwana said an updated SEA in 2011 had identified four proposed marine aquaculture sites in the areas of which three were included in the Scoping Phase of the environmental impact assessment (EIA).

During this phase, he said, an additional three sites had been included in the area.

However, he explained, of the six sites only two were considered as “viable for environmental assessment,” while the other four were “considered non-viable for specific reasons...and these sites were not taken forward into the environmental impact reporting phase of the EIA”.

Zokwana explained that two of the sites considered non-viable were in an area “with very high shipping traffic and although highly preferred from an environmental perspective, the conflict with shipping traffic is a fatal flaw as it cannot be mitigated”.

He said another site was rejected because the technology to operate a fin fish cage culture “at such a distance from harbours is very expensive and not yet available in South Africa,” while the water was not deep enough at another site.

The Minister said the results from detailed specialist assessments showed that both the remaining sites were “potentially feasible as ADZs”.

One, however was located within the proposed Addo Marine Protected Area which is “highly sensitive due to its proximity to conservation-worthy habitats”. - MetroMinutes.


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