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Tsitsikamma to be on World Heritage site list

Jun 22, 2015
Tsitsikamma to be on World Heritage site list

The Tsitsikamma, the only area in South Africa that boasts 12 Green Flag Hikes within a 50 km radius, will soon be included on the World Heritage list, which includes conservation areas like the Table Mountain National Park. 

Tsitsikamma National Park is the third most frequently visited out of the twenty national parks in South Africa.

Green Flag status means the route has to meet certain criteria - developed by the University of Pretoria to facilitate responsible hiking practices.  

Victor Cunningham, Ranger Garden Route National Park, told the SABC: "The principal of green flag accredited trails is based on 3 objectives the most important being the safety of the hike which is paramount for the trail owner, the 2nd is correct info needs to be conveyed to the hiker and the 3rd is responsible environmental standards of the trail in the reserve or park"

One of the 12 hikes is the world renowned Otter Trail. It is the oldest official hiking trail in South Africa.

“This is the start of the famous otter trail the most popular hike in South Africa and possibly in the world. If you want to take in the expansive beauty of this hike over 42 kilometres you will have to book a year in advance,” Cunningham adds.

The Green Flag system is underwritten by the non-profit Hiking Organisation of Southern Africa. The trails are re-assessed every two years.

Green hikes can be found all over South Africa but the Tsitsikamma area has the biggest concentration of green hikes in one area.