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Turn your data into profit with Bennetts Technologies

Turn your data into profit with Bennetts Technologies

We’ll help you collate, manage and use your data

It’s a capital mistake to theorise before one has data – so said Sherlock Holmes a 100 years ago.  In today’s fast moving, digital world we all have data, in fact we have so much data that we are often not able to manage it, let alone theorise on the data.

If you have staff, you have data; if you have stock, you have data; if you have vehicles, you have data; if you make money, you have data – the list is endless. All this data represents useful information that, if presented in an intelligent manner, can help you improve productivity and profitability.

Business Intelligence or BI is the term used to describe the variety of software applications used to analyse an organisation's raw data. BI as a discipline is made up of several related activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting.

Every Fortune 500 company makes use of BI; in fact it is not hard to understand that one of the reasons why these companies are a Fortune 500 is because they make use of BI. It is BI that helped Ford decide to introduce cup-holders, Facebook to develop almost every aspect of their service and, on a local level, Woolworths to decide on the shelf space allocated to each and every product they sell.

If you have data, then you need BI!

Bennetts Technologies has years of experience in developing BI software and we have done so for a wide variety of clients. Our service doesn’t just start and end with technology, we also assist our clients in developing the protocols for recording, collating and managing their data.

We can assist you in combining data from different sources both structured and unstructured and provide you with a complete picture of who is doing what, how efficiently it is being done and what makes money and what does not.

Our objective is to turn the average knowledge worker into a knowledge champion by bringing them new insight and helping them to make smarter decisions.

If you’re mired in data and can’t see the wood for the trees then speak to us because our data warehousing and data visualisation technology will generate interactive reports, graphs and timelines.

We can assist you in building a framework for self-service interactions without the need for excessive training and lengthy implementation time. We can and will make you more profitable.

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