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Turn your phone into an all round road safety and informational device 

NOVEMBER 21, 2014
Turn your phone into an all round road safety and informational device 

Safety in the palm of your hands

With the year-end rush and festive season fast approaching, many South Africans are either preparing to head out on their annual holidays or stay in town to enjoy the quieter roads visiting restaurants and sites they usually don’t get a chance to explore during the year.

Either way, any form of travel has the potential to become a stressful experience - whether you are coordinating holiday plans and looking for guidance on where to go and how to get there, need road side assistance or are just looking for the nearest petrol station in an unknown area.

With safety and assistance as top priorities, the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) has placed road safety and convenience in the palm of your hands with their free AA Rescue Service mobi app suite, which gives users access to a full suite of rescue services and assistance at a click of a button. 

Accessible to AA Members and non-members, the AA Rescue Service mobi app suite currently offers motorists three very useful features: a Rescue Me Instant alert button, Accident Assist and its latest feature, Points of Interest.

Once you’re registered, with a click of a button, the Rescue Me instant alert feature will send your details and location directly to the AA’s call centre who will then call you to ensure you’re safe and to arrange the roadside assistance you need. While the AA Accident Assist provides invaluable assistance at the scene of an accident, guiding you through the accident process, and recording all the information you’ll need for an insurance claim, or for later legal action, so that you don’t forget anything.

As soon as you press save, your accident report with photos, videos and voice recordings will be uploaded from your phone to your website profile, so that you can update or amend the details at any time... and, when complete, you can send the report on to your insurer to expedite your claim. 

The latest feature to the AA Rescue Service mobi app suite which motorists will be sure to enjoy during the holiday season and beyond, is the Points of Interest feature. This new feature takes the challenge out of travelling by helping you to locate public places of interest via your smartphone. Not only does this feature make daily travel seamless, but it’s also a great help when you find yourself lost in an unfamiliar area.

If it is finding the closest hospital in an emergency, the application will locate it on a map, indicate where you are in relation to your destination and help you find your way there. In using the Points of Interest feature, motorists can ultimately look forward to quick and easy location of their chosen destination, the security of knowing where they need to go in an unfamiliar area, as well as location and contact details of AA Quality Assured Accommodation.

“Road users now have the help of a virtual emergency assistance at their disposal. Motorists simply can’t afford to be without it especially driving on South Africa’s deteriorating roads,” says the AA. “Our services through our mobi app suite will give you peace-of-mind for you or a family member by knowing that help is merely one click away.”

Visit www.aarescue.co.za and then follow the easy steps to download the app to your phone. This app is available on iOS, Blackberry and Android platforms.