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Tutu says Springboks are ‘too white’

By Natali Iverson - Aug 22, 2014
Tutu says Springboks are ‘too white’

Archbishop Emiratis Desmond Tutu has branded the national rugby side as being ‘to white’ and not representative of the rainbow nation ideology.

In a letter posted to the Cape Times, Tutu expressed his disappointment with the South African Rugby Union’s (SARU) slow pace of introducing transformation into the Springbok camp, and that seeing the collection of black players as peripheral squad members never given the chance to settle down and earn their spurs,” is “particularly hurtful”.

"Now, nearly 20 years later, I lament the tortoise pace at which transformation at the highest level is being effected, Tutu said in a letter to The Cape Times.

"Surely, by the 20th anniversary of our freedom from enforced separateness, there are a couple of dark horses out there to run with the browns and the chestnuts in feature races?"

He also added that in the past, Springbok rugby represented ‘apartness’, however, after 20 years of democracy, the country “needs a team representative of the full spectrum of the rainbow nation”.

“As a society, we need to understand that embracing one another is neither a political imperative nor political correctness. It is a critical ingredient to affect our long-term healing,” he added.

The Springboks will be taking on Argentina in Salta, as part of the Rugby Championship, tomorrow, with the starting 15 consisting out of three coloured players and 12 whites. Out of the eight substitutes on the bench, two are black and the remaining six white. 


Photo courtesy of www.redpepper.co.ug