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Twitter divided on #LocalMusic

By Charl Bosch - May 12, 2016
Twitter divided on #LocalMusic

Users on social media have shown mixed reactions to the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s announcement that 90% of music played on its 18 radio stations from Thursday, have to be South African.

“For the next three months, 90 percent of the music on our platform will be local music while we assess the reception of the public and how we are going to move forward in terms of the final percentage,” SABC spokesperson Kaiser Kganyago was quoted by Eyewitness News as saying.

Speaking to the Mail & Guardian, SABC Chief Operations Officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng remarked, “This cross-pollination of music is very important for the public service broadcaster, because part of our mandate is to reflect the South African story, and music is an important part in ensuring that the SABC fulfills this mandate”.

Although the move had been welcomed by local artists and even some political parties, twitter users have remained divided on the decision, with #LocalMusic trending as the second most voiced about topic on Thursday morning.



@mcebomakhathini : Today feels like SA's born again. Like Mandela's out of prison. Every radio station I tune into, it's local staff (sic). What a time. #LocalMusic

 ‏@ZikweMaZ : #LocalMusic It's about time! As much as I love international music, we need to give credit to our talented musicians here in SA 

@tshegoh_tukisi: You Can Never Go Wrong With #LocalMusic #LocalIsLekker

 @Rosetta_Stonee: I guess having 90% #LocalMusic will give upcoming artists a chance to have their music played on air.

 @ThulaniMsimang: I was listening to @METROFMSA this morning and for the first time I realised I just work up in Africa #LocalMusic Viva local artist viva

 @thee_bazzieb: It is about time #SABC started supporting local talent more aggressively. #LocalMusic #LocalIsLekker



@Events_Loft: To be honest not all #LocalMusic is worth listening to, some musicians make your ears bleed….

 @Tioranta: Forcing stations to play #localmusic means you've already lost."

 @Sips10111: Now SABC Radio can go to hell.#LocalMusic

 @sam_sakati: This #LocalMusic ishy thingy is going to be the down fall of radio. #Donlaka mxm

 @mfundoRossSA:  What if the SABC just can't afford international music anymore and they are now pretending to give a f*** about #LocalMusic?

@charmedheksie:  #LocalMusic Naw thank goodness I have Pandora & Deezer keep your crap I will listen to what I WANT #SABC not what your cheap a***** decide (sic).