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Two Butterworth men busted for dealing in drugs

Two Butterworth men busted for dealing in drugs

Two men, from Butterworth are expected to appear before the Butterworth Magistrate Court on Monday, after they were busted by local police, who found them in possession of drugs - mandrax tablets and crystal meth.

According to police, both suspects were arrested on Saturday morning by Queenstown Public Order Policing Unit respectively.

A 21 year-old suspect was found with five Mandrax tablets with a street value of R300, while the 35 year-old was found Crystal meth with a value of R800.

Police said Queenstown Public Order Policing, deployed at Butterworth arrested both suspects at the town’s Railway Station.

“Police acted on a tip off that the old Railway Station is used as a drug lords’ venue at Butterworth,” police said in a statement.

An undisclosed amount of money, suspected to be profits from the drugs was also seized by the police.