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Two cases of listeriosis confirmed in Nelson Mandela Bay, here are preventative measures

Dec 9, 2017
Two cases of listeriosis confirmed in Nelson Mandela Bay, here are preventative measures

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality on Saturday said that two cases of meningitis have been linked to the national listeriosis disease outbreak.

"While the disease is treatable and preventable, the recent outbreak has resulted in an unprecedented number of cases, some of which have been fatal," explained Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Chief of Staff, Kristoff Adelbert. 

"National Government is leading the disease control operation, in partnership with the World Health Organisation and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

"Everything possible is being done to ensure that the outbreak is contained. With only two recorded cases in the Metro, the situation here is stable."

He, however, said that every resident should take extra care by ensuring the following:

  • Keep Clean. Wash your hands before handling food and often during food preparation.
  • If you are handling or storing raw food, don’t touch already cooked food unless you have thoroughly washed your hands and food preparation utensils. In other words separate raw from cooked food.
  • Cook food thoroughly, never eat half cooked or uncooked food especially meat products. Food that does not usually need cooking before eating, need to be thoroughly washed with clean running water. For families with no source of clean running water need to boil their water before domestic use.
  • Keep food at safe temperatures. Food to be kept cold should be refrigerated and food to be served hot should be served hot.
  • Use safe water for domestic use at all times and use pasteurised milk products. In situations where pastueurization is not possible, for own domestic consumption, please boil the milk prior to use

"Should you or anyone near you start experiencing flu like symptoms, diarrhoea, fever, septicaemia or severe headaches, please make your way to the nearest doctor or hospital."

Further updates will follow as and when necessary.