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Two life terms plus 15 years for serial rapist, who preyed on high school learners

Apr 26, 2018
Two life terms plus 15 years for serial rapist, who preyed on high school learners

The Mount Frere Regional Court sentenced a convicted serial rapist, 24-year-old Manxubandile Ntshobololo, to two life terms plus 15 years.

It is alleged that the first incident occurred at Ngqojini Location, in Luyengweni A/A, Mount Frere, on the 26th of August 2016, at about 21h00.

"The victim (16) was sleeping in her room as she is schooling at Sonqishe Sqaza. S.S.S., when the accused kicked the door and entered," said police spokesperson, Captain Edith Mjoko.

"After he entered the room he forcefully raped the victim."

Capt Mjoko said that the other incident took place at Toleni Location, also in Luyengweni A/A, Mount Frere, on the 19th of February 2017, at about 23h00.

"It is alleged that two victims, aged 17 and 19 years old, were sleeping in their room when the suspect forcefully kicked and entered the room," she described.

"It is further alleged that the victims were also schooling at Sonqishe S.S.S. The accussed entered the room covered his face with a scarf and he ordered the victims to keep quiet threatened then with an Okapi knife.

"He then tied one victim with rope and raped other one and after finished, he do the same and rape the second one.

"Fortunately, the scarf fell off from his face and they were able to identify him." 

He was later arrested.

Ntshobololo was sentenced on Wednesday to undergo 15 years imprisonment plus three years for house breaking in the 2016 rape case  and also to undergo two life imprisonment for the 2017 rape cases.

The Cluster Commander, Brigadier Mtutuzeli Mtukushe, welcomed the sentences secured as this would serve as a deterrence to would be law breakers in our policing precinct.

"Our courts must continue sending criminals behind bars," he said.