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Two Peddie men arrested after raping minor

Two Peddie men arrested after raping minor

Two suspects were arrested on Sunday evening in Peddie for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl, who was on her way to her grandmother’s home in Peddie Extension.

“On her way to her grandmother’s house, the young girl came across five men of whom two of them dragged her to the nearby bushes,” said the Peddie police Constable Mkhululi Mayoli in a statement.

Constable Mayoli added that only two of the five men raped the minor, while “the three other men tried to stop their friends but they could not listen”.

Not wanting to be associated with the incident, the three men left the scene of the crime.

However, they later returned, reportedly, with the intention to rescue the girl – but not before each of the two suspects had allegedly already raped her twice.

“It was too late because the two suspects had already taken the minor to their place in Peddie Extension,” he added.

According to Mayoli, one suspect also proposed love to their victim asking her to become his girlfriend.

It was only when the two suspects were busy drinking alcohol when the girl managed to escape.

She reported the matter to her uncle, who took her to the police and a case of rape was opened.

The suspects were expected to appear before Peddie Magistrate Court’s on Tuesday.


Image: genius.com