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Two rhino killed in the Eastern Cape

By Natali Iverson - Feb 16, 2015
Two rhino killed in the Eastern Cape

Two rhinos have been shot and killed at the Alvin Krull Tyityaba Game Reserve at Haga Haga near East London.

Frank Krull, the reserve’s manager, said that a young bull and a mature female were killed and dehorned late last week.

The green scorpions are currently investigating the situation, and an anti-poaching unit has been deployed onto the reserve.

Krull said that the remaining rhino on the reserve would be dehorned to ensure their safety and survival.

“The only way to prevent the rhino species from being wiped out by poachers is to legalise the trade in the huge stockpile of rhino horn to drive down its value on the global market,” Krull added.


IMAGE supplied by www.annamiticus.com