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Uc-Wireless Introduce Africa’s Healthcare Industry To Revolutionary World Standard Communication Systems!

 Uc-Wireless Introduce Africa’s Healthcare Industry To Revolutionary World Standard Communication Systems!

UC-Wireless specialises in the distribution of integrated wireless communication systems and offers a complete vertical offering for the Healthcare sector by having brought together key products to improve healthcare outcomes for all concerned. Staying in constant touch is the key to healthcare. Successful hospitals and Healthcare facilities must respond to patients, physicians, nurses, and other staff members with speed and accuracy. The solutions offered are certified integrations of middleware, wireless phones and communication consoles designed to facilitate effective time-critical communication and enhance efficiency through integration with all other systems, allowing Healthcare facilities to share critical patient information, stay notified and ensure staff safety.

UC-Wireless (Pty) Ltd has been operating since 2002, with its Head Office in Johannesburg, regional office in Cape Town and partners throughout the continent, they offer a selection of tools and solutions for “anything wireless” in an array of industry segments. UC-Wireless is the sole distributor in Africa and operating in the Middle East supplying Sp?k (formerly known as Amcom) wireless communication and middleware, Spectralink Enterprise Wi-Fi and IP-DECT wireless phone solutions, Sagittar wireless and microwave links and Ruckus Wireless Enterprise Wi-Fi.

Healthcare facilities in the USA, Europe and Australia are more privileged than Africa, already benefiting from effective communication solutions that create an efficient and safe hospital environment. Now, thanks to UC-Wireless, Healthcare facilities in South Africa and Africa will soon be able to share critical patient information and ensure staff safety by combining the focus of Spectralink with Sp?k.

The Integrated modular solution, once fully deployed includes specialised Enterprise Telephone Consoles, (specifically for Healthcare); Enterprise wireless mobile communication using either DECT or Wi-Fi with extensive integration into all the call systems available for both IP (SIP) and DECT; Enterprise Wireless Networking, which seamlessly provides the platform for Wi-Fi telephony, and complete integration of these platforms with critical alarm and alert monitoring and messaging. UC-Wireless offer a range of Carrier Grade Microwave and IP radio communication links that can provide the communication backbone between hospitals. The Sp?k Software solution (formerly known as Amcom) is the central foundation of all applications and provides access for reliable, dependable communication of all events, alarms and situations in the healthcare environment. This solution connects with most PBX’s, nurse call systems, patient monitoring, clinical systems, patient databases and human resource systems to deliver key information to the right people on their device of choice. This includes secure guaranteed delivery to smartphones, Spectralink Wi-Fi or Dect phones and other common devices.

UC-Wireless support their solution offerings by being one of the leading providers of “healthy Wi-Fi” technology responding to the rising demand for Wi-Fi within hospitals and clinics to connect a multitude of medical devices; enable fast access to electronic patient records; provide real time monitoring; improve staff communication and speed up the delivery of medical images and test results. Africa is on the road to adopt world standards and Healthcare Groups have all started to initiate strategies to embrace 21st Century solutions that have already been implemented in the top global and USA hospitals.

Customer experience is often overlooked and can be easily enhanced by offering Wi-Fi access to visitors in lobbies and waiting rooms. With many mobile users, thick walls and innumerable electrical devices, Healthcare environments need a smart solution. UC-Wireless offers Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) systems with adaptive antenna arrays to provide the best possible connection even in the most difficult conditions, without compromising the critical nature of communication that Wi-Fi will support in the hospital.

UC-Wireless is proud to introduce this combination of offerings to the African market, paving the way for Africa to join international standards and enhance our Healthcare facilities, enabling staff members to have access to fast, efficient and reliable solutions that lead to world class patient care and ultimately saving lives.

UC-Wireless is also the Africa distributor for DisplayNote - a powerful “presenter-audience” collaboration solution. With this technology, UC-Wireless now has the platform to facilitate live interactive presentations across any Wi-Fi Network and remote/distant collaboration and presentation anytime and anywhere in the world, to further showcase the powerful functionalities and values of their entire product ranges, services and solution offerings.

UC-Wireless operates in a number of vertical markets and therefore offers solutions to not only the Healthcare sector but also the Education, Retail, Warehousing, Hospitality, Mining, Casino/Gaming, Production/ Industrial and Enterprise markets. With the explosion of wireless adoption, UC-Wireless is well positioned to take African Healthcare to the next level. For more information, visit http://www.uc-wireless.com


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