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UFS calls for prayers as students return to class for 2nd day

MARCH 1, 2016
UFS calls for prayers as students return to class for 2nd day

Management of the University of the Free State on Tuesday called for prayers as classes were meant to sit for a second day following days of disruptive protests. 

"Invitation to UFS staff, students. Peace & justice walk to prayer meeting: 1 March 06:30, Main Bldg, Bfn Campus," the university tweeted on its official page. 

Students had held prayers at the university amid the tension last week. 

Some however, took to Twitter to denounce the prayers. 

"Religion MUST be removed from any Socio-economic issues Another Facade apparent than actual Transformation HELP #UFS," one person tweeted.

Meanwhile, students had returned to class on Monday morning and some turned to Twitter to describe what their first day was like. 

"Tryna [sic] study like everything is okay but ku tense. #UFS," one student tweeted. 

"Anyway school was tense and awkward AF today. One needed to tread softly. No mistake
Day one complete. Not so ready for day two doe #UFS," another student tweeted. 

For other students, the disruptions had dire consequences.

"To think that we writing on a chapter we didn't finish #UFS," one student tweeted.

Last week Monday, a small group of protesters disrupted a Varsity Cup rugby match at Shimla Park Stadium, which culminated in the mass brawl between themselves and spectators. 

On Tuesday morning, EFF protesters pulled down and vandalised a statue of Charles Robberts Swart at the university.

CR Swart was the last Governor General of the Union of South Africa till 1961, and was president of the Republic of South Africa from 1961 to 1967. 

Protesters burnt tyres at the foot of the statue, and used hammers and rocks to bring it down.

On Thursday, security guards were brought in to protect the statue of Marthinus Theunis Steyn from further vandalism. Steyn was the sixth and last president of the Orange Free State from 1896 to 1902.

Students and outsourced workers of UFS embarked on protest action demanding an end to outsourcing as well as the removal of the Vice Chancellor Jonathan Jansen to step down.


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