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Uitenhage police arrest thieves in the act

Nov 13, 2015
Uitenhage police arrest thieves in the act

Two suspected thieves, aged 22 and 29 years, were arrested by alert Kamesh Police Visible members in Mountainview, Uitenhage, outside Port Elizabeth, in the early hours of Friday.

According to Eastern Cape police, Constables Ben Micheals and Algin Moos were on patrol in Hen Street at about 02:45am this morning when they saw suspicious movement at a car on the premises of a house.

They apprehended two suspects, one hiding underneath a vehicle and one next to it.

"The door and bonnet of the vehicle was opened. At that moment the owner of the vehicle peeped through the window and saw the police members next to the car.

"Two male suspects were found in possession of implements that are commonly use to commit theft out and from motor vehicle and property that was stolen from the vehicle," the police said.

The suspects were arrested on a charge of theft out of motor vehicle and are expected in the in the Uitenhage Magistrates Court on Monday.

In an unrelated related case, the Kamesh Policing Visible members received a complaint from Radio Control about four suspects that were in possession of suspected stolen property in Gerald Smith, Uitenhage, at about 5:30 again this morning.

"Upon arrival, the members found the suspects in possession of loud speakers. Further investigation revealed  that the property could be stolen as the suspects could not prove ownership.

"Four suspects, aged between 15 and 22 years-old, were arrested for the possession of suspected stolen property," the police said.

Two minors, including a female, were released in the care of their parents and their co-accused will appear on a charge of possession of stolen property in the Uitenhage Magistrates Court on Monday.

Investigations are still continuing.