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Uitenhage resident survives early morning home invasion with minor injuries

Oct 25, 2017
Uitenhage resident survives early morning home invasion with minor injuries

Police in Kwanobuhle, Uitenhage, on Wednesday acted swiftly and arrested two suspects after a 53-year-old homeowner was allegedly overpowered at his home along Siviwe Crescent, Kwanobuhle, at about 00:15 in the morning, by six men.

"It is alleged that the complainant was asleep when he heard a noise and went to investigate. A group of unknown males forced their way into the house and demanded cash from the victim," said police spokesperson, Captain Gerda Swart.

"The suspects then forced the victim into their vehicle and drove to a nearby ATM to withdraw cash. 

"They were unsuccessful, as the ATM was out of order. The suspects drove back to the victim’s home and started to ransack it."

Captain Swart said that members from SAPS Kwanobuhle, who were busy patrolling the area, noticed the commotion and gave chase after the suspects and managed to apprehend two of the suspects, whilst the four others managed to evade arrest.

"The suspects fled with a cellphone and a bank card," she said.  

"The complainant sustained minor injuries during the incident."

The two suspects (both in their twenties) are due to appear in the Kwanobuhle Magistrate’s Court on Thursday on a charge of house robbery, but more charges could be added. 

"Police investigations are continuing and more arrests are imminent," said Capt Swart. 

The Station Commander of Kwanobuhle, Colonel Dial Kettledas commended the members on their speedy reaction and said: “that no stone will be left unturned before the outstanding suspects are behind bars”.  

The police want to warn the community to be vigilant and provide herewith some safety hints:

  • Make provision for good outside lighting. 
  • Never just open the door when the bell rings or when someone knocks.  
  • A watchdog is a good early warning system. 
  • Install the best security system you can afford. 
  • When approaching your home, ensure that it is safe to enter and that you have not been followed. 
  • Be aware of persons loitering near the entrance and report suspicious behaviour to your local police station. 
  • If you buy luxurious goods, cut up the boxes and dispose of them in black bags. 
  • A branded box is a tell-tale sign of what thieves could find in your house. 
  • Be alert of being followed from shopping malls, restaurants, banks and ATM’s. 
  • A list of all the makes, models and serial numbers of electrical appliances and other valuable equipment should always be available for investigation purposes. 
  • Know all emergency numbers. 
  • Keep your cellphone in your bedroom. 
  • Never leave keys in a gate or lock. 
  • Curtains should be closed after dark to prevent suspects from observing the activities inside the home.
  • Don’t leave your garage, front or back door open or partially open – it serves an open invitation.