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UK bank fires employees over mock ISIS execution video

By Charl Bosch - Jul 7, 2015
UK bank fires employees over mock ISIS execution video

British bank HSBC has fired six of its employees following the circulation of an online video, showing them taking part in a mock Islamic State (ISIS) style execution, similar to the beheading clips of five Westerners posted by group last year.

According to UK media, the men had been taking part in a team building exercise at the Teamworks Karting track in Birmingham when the incident happened.

The eight second video, which reportedly first leaked on Instagram and then posted by The Sun, shows five of the men, dressed in black racing jumpsuits and wearing balaclavas, standing behind a colleague, clothed in an orange jumpsuit and kneeling down with his hand behind his back, whilst preparing to stab him with what appears to be a coat hanger.

Laughing throughout most of the video, one of the men then shouts the words “Allahu Akbar” before the clip ends.

“Once we saw this abhorrent video released by The Sun we took the decision to sack the individuals involved. We apologise for any offence,” the bank in a statement on twitter.


IMAGE sourced from thesun.co.uk