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Unity in Africa Foundation and MBDA host 67 minutes tour for Nelson Mandela Day

Unity in Africa Foundation and MBDA host 67 minutes tour for Nelson Mandela Day

Local NGO, Unity in Africa Foundation, together with the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), on Monday hosted a guided walking tour of Route 67 in Port Elizabeth’s CBD educating those gathered about the history of the Bay, which is named after Nelson Mandela, as part of the organisations' 2016 67 minutes for Madiba initiative.

The walk started at Donkin Reserve Park, in Central, Port Elizabeth, and led down the artistic trail, which pays tribute to the Eastern Cape’s heritage as well as Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of services to South Africa. The tour was led by Lungelo Ngabaza, a Route 67 tour guide from the MBDA.

“The impact of the walk is to educate community of Nelson Mandela about its significant history and promotes tourism in Port Elizabeth. The walks also serve to honour Mr Mandela and his great partake into the history of South Africa as a whole,” described Ngabaza.

He said that last year, the walking tour was held in St Gorges Park and that this year, they had decided to move it to the Donkin Reserve.

Still, it was not about the tour as local residents and businesses also donated clothes and other items, which will be given to local charities.

“The initiative was a great success; it was very fruitful and enlightening. I learnt a lot and, at EY we are very appreciative to be part of this initiative and to give back by donating to those who are in need,” said Sinelizwi Dyosini, an EY representative.

Bheki Khwaza, also from the EY, echoed Dyosini that indeed the project was a success.

“It’s not every day that you get to learn about the history, it was a success and very informative,” said Khwaza.

Those in attendance responded quite positively to the initiative, giving praise to both Unity in Africa Foundation and the MBDA for a job well done.

“I quite enjoyed the walk. For someone who stayed in Port Elizabeth for more than 30 years and be reminded of the history, it was very educational. It surely uplifted the history of city,” said Shaaron Cawood. 

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