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UPDATE: GO GEORGE bringing in temporary drivers as strike continues

UPDATE: GO GEORGE bringing in temporary drivers as strike continues

Although the GO GEORGE bus service remains compromised, due to the illegal bus drivers’ strike since Thursday, George Link has informed GO GEORGE that they are in the process of sourcing temporary drivers and that the number of active buses has been increased to 16 now.

"The first group of drivers has been appointed this morning and another group is expected to be appointed this afternoon.The challenge is to find qualified, licensed drivers who know the routes and have the necessary product certification," says Chantel Edwards-Klose, Acting Manager: Communications at the George Municipality.

"George Link is requesting drivers with a valid Code 10 or 14 license and a Public Drivers' Permit (PDP) to transport passengers, to phone them on 044 873 4803."

Routes 1A, 1B, 60, 2, 7, 14 (peaktime only) and 53 are being serviced.

"Take note, however, that due to the limited service, the normal schedules will not apply. GO GEORGE endeavours to service the busiest routes and thereby assist as many passengers as possible. Route 14 will only run during peaktime. As capacity is limited, we would like to encourage passengers who can arrange alternative transport, to do so until normal service resumes.

"While George Link remains committed to resolve the issue, GO GEORGE once again apologises to all passengers and the community for this serious disruption and inconvenience, and welcomes George Link's emergency measures," said Edwards-Klose.