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UPDATE:Metro has postponed the land workshop aimed at curbing land invasions by residents

Jun 7, 2018
UPDATE:Metro has postponed the land workshop aimed at curbing land invasions by residents

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is on Wednesday next week expected to host a workshop on land invasions.

"Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has for the past six months experienced an increase in land invasions. Across the City residents have intentionally disregarded the law, moved in and erected shacks on both municipal and private land," describes Nelson Mandela Bay Communications and Media Management Officer, Mthubanzi Mniki.

"These incidents have resulted in violent protests, which have led to injuries of innocent people and massive damages to private and municipal property."

He said that following these incidents, the municipal leadership and senior officials have embarked on a programme to engage the affected communities with the intention to empower them with the information about the disadvantages and challenges of land invasion.

"As part of intensifying and accelerating this programme, the City will today hold a one day internal Illegal Land Invasion Workshop one day workshop," Mniki says.

"The intention of the workshop is for the municipality take stock and the magnitude of the problem, find workable solutions and share ideas on how best can the municipality deal with land invasions. It was also to re-look at the current methods and programmes that are in place." 

He says that topics of discussions will cover the following:

  • Status of Land Invasion throughout the City
  • Housing Demand Analysis
  • Spatial Planning Overview
  • Spatial Development Overview
  • Resettlement Plan

A briefing will be done by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Mayoral Committee Member Councillor Ngaba Bhanga and the Senior Management of the Directorate after the discussions at the Woolboard Exchange.