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Update on Courtenay Street rehabilitation and upgrade in George

Sep 18, 2018
Update on Courtenay Street rehabilitation and upgrade in George

The George Municipality says work is progressing at the roadworks being done along Courtenay Street in George.

According to George Municipality spokesperson, Chantel Edwards-klose:

  1. The final asphalt layering is in progress.  As such, the lanes will be temporarily demarcated with dot markers until the asphalt has cured.  We request that you please proceed with caution.
  2. Work will take place in the slow lane from York Street towards the Outeniqua High Schoolon Sunday, 23 September and Monday, 24 September 2018, to complete as much as possible.
  3. At the end of the asphalt layering, a team will come in and raise the manholes to be flush with the road surface.  These have been temporarily covered.
  4. Work will continue during the week in the fast lanes and turning lanes.
  5. Work on the intersections will be scheduled to off-peak times and no access will be possible during these times.
  6. When the work is in progress access over that stretch of road will not be possible for 2.5hrs while it cools – please take care as driving on this before it is open to traffic will damage your vehicle as well as the road surface.
  7. Please take care while the road works are in progress.
  8. The programme is weather dependant.

Any concerns, comments and queries regarding the rehabilitation and upgrade can be sent to the following e-mail address or cell phone number: admin@hilland.co.za; 082 305 5097.