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Update on Despatch and KwaNobuhle water shortages

JULY 2, 2015
Update on Despatch and KwaNobuhle water shortages

The following statement was issued by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality with regards to water shortages experienced over the past weekend in some areas of Despatch.

On Saturday, 27 June 2015, a housing contractor who was working in Khayamnandi, Despatch, unfortunately damaged a 225mm water pipe, which fed the reservoir that supplies water to the greater Despatch area.  This caused a disruption in the water supply to the residents of Despatch.

The contractor, unfortunately, failed to report the damage to the Municipality, and we only became aware thereof, when we received complaints from the community on Sunday.  We immediately investigated the disruption and discovered the problem.

The water main was repaired on Monday, 29 June 2015, around midday (12 noon).

However, subsequent to the repairs being carried out, we experienced a secondary problem, which we have since fixed.

As a result thereof, Despatch residents were without water supply from Sunday, 28 June until Wednesday, 1 July 2015. During this time, the Municipality deployed water tankers to the area.

We are currently refilling the reservoir and expect the water supply operation to be fully normalised by the end of today, Thursday, 2 July 2015.

In addition to Despatch, we also had water problems in Kwanobuhle this week as a result of a control valve being closed, which shut off water supply to the KwaNobuhle reservoir.  We have opened the valve and currently refilling the reservoir. We expect the reservoir to be full by this afternoon and water supply fully normalised by then end of today.  We are also investigating the circumstances around which the valve was closed.

Water tankers were deployed to the affected areas.