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Update on Maitlands water pipeline repairs

May 26, 2015
Update on Maitlands water pipeline repairs

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality previously informed residents and stakeholders that repairs to the Maitlands pipeline would be carried out over the week-ending 22 May 2015 (please read here).

"We wish to update your good selves as follows: The repairs were carried out, as planned, over last week. In order to conduct the repair work, the NMBM's Water & Sanitation team had to shut down the system.  This meant that the water supply to the reservoirs had to be cut, resulting in the reservoirs running low," says Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Director of Communications, Roland Williams.

"This, of course, was duly communicated to the public beforehand, so that they were made aware of possible temporary interruptions and/or a lessening of water pressure."

Williams said that during the repair work it was, unfortunately, discovered that one of the isolating valves on the pipeline was not fully functional, and had to be replaced.

"Replacing the valve would have meant that the system would have had to be continued to be shut down, and water supply to the reservoirs continued to be halted.  This would have resulted in the reservoirs running completely dry (it was at 13% at the end of last week) and residents and businesses would have had no water this week," he said.

"The NMBM Water & Sanitation team then made a "judgement call" and, despite the leak, restored the water supply to the reservoirs, so that residents would have water over this period. Continuing to shut down the system would have meant no water.

"The team is currently monitoring the situation on a continuous basis."

He said that the dysfunctional valve will be repaired once sufficient supply is restored to the reservoirs.  When these repairs are conducted it will mean that the system is shutdown, resulting in the possibility of temporary water interruptions and/or lessening of pressure.

"This, of course, will be duly communicated to the public. We expect the repairs to the pipeline to be carried out over the next two weeks.

"The NMBM has noted media statements in this regard. Whilst we fully understand the need for some to wish to make some (media) mileage on this matter, for whatever reason, we take this opportunity to urge all stakeholders to contact our Water & Sanitation division in order to ascertain exactly what the situation is, and how such situation is being addressed, as opposed to posing for sensational photographs in what is truly a community matter that is being dealt with by our able and committed Water & Sanitation team," Williams said. 

The public is reminded of the toll-free number to report water leaks: 0800 20 50 50.